AEGIS Summer School 2018 – Cagliari

© Manuel Ramos, 2018

AEGIS Summer School, Cagliari, 3-7 July 2018

Africa: Connections and Disruptions

 Tuesday 3 July

09.30-11.00 – Introduction to the 2018 AEGIS Summer School

11:00-11:30 – Coffee Break, Hostel

11.30-13.00 – Methodology session, Birgit Englert, Eric Komlavi Hahonou; chair Jon Abbink

13.00-15.00 – Lunch Break, Hostel

15.00-16.45 – Panel 1a. Critical junctures in African history – Chair: Jason Sumich

  • Chewins, Linell (Witts, South Africa) – The Exclusive Ivory Commercial Company of Inhambane and Lourenço Marques: Re-evaluating slavery out of Delagoa Bay during the early 19th century

               Discussants: Margot Luyckfasseel, Paul Nugent

 Cristofaro, Domenico (Bologna, Italy) – Colonial rule or latent resistance? The prolonged process of conquest in the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast (1896-1930)

Discussants: Claudio Sessa, Paul Nugent

 16:45-17:00 – Coffee Break, Hostel

 17.00-18.45 – Panel 1b. Critical junctures in African history – Chair: Paul Nugent

  • Marmon, Edward Brooks (Edinburgh, UK) – From Dreams of Dominion to Aspirations of a New Africa: Decolonisation and Ahrn Palley’s Personal Winds of Change in Southern Rhodesia, 1959 – 1961

Discussants: Maurice Hutton, Jason Sumich

  • Hutton, Maurice (Edinburgh, UK) – Modernisation on a Shoestring: The Moral Politics of African Housing Finance in Late Colonial Bulawayo, 1949-1975

Discussants: Linell Chewins, Antonio Pezzano


Wednesday 4 July

9.30-11.30 – Panel 7. Environmental problems, mobility and migration – Chair: Franz Kogelmann

  • Worsøe, Jacob (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Social Nature and the Production of Uganda’s Forest Landscapes

Discussants: Eleanor Seymour, Birgit Englert

  •  Fedeler, Kristin (Edinburgh, UK) – Hydraulic Missions, Ruins and Revival: Politics of Space and Power in the Tana-Beles Basins, 1980s-Today

Discussants: Michele Sollai, Eric Komlavi Hahonou

11:30-12:00 – Coffee Break, Hostel

 12.00-13.00 – Panel 2. Changing forms of politics: local and global – Chair: Antonio Pezzano

 Michalko, Ján (SOAS, UK) – Modified, not Ruptured:  Intersectional Analysis of Female Students’ Political Views in South Africa

Discussants: Camillo Casola, Birgit Englert

 13.00-16.00 – Lunch Break, Hostel

16.00-17.45 – Roundtable Decolonising Europe: an outstanding issue, Valeria Deplano (Università degli Studi di Cagliari), Pierluigi Valsecchi (Università di Pavia), Paul Nugent (University of Edinburgh), Manuel Ramos (ISCTE, Lisboa); chair Jason Sumich

In partnership with the University of Cagliari

Thursday 5 July

9.15-11.00 – Panel 3. Borders, mobilities, and globalisation – Chair: Eric Komlavi Hahonou

  • Luyckfasseel, Margot (Ghent, Belgium) – Bringing Mpadi back to Mvuila: Reconnecting Kinshasa and the central Kongo province in the competition between prophetic movements

Discussants: Nokuthula Zinyengere, Franz Kogelmann

  • Eckert, Florens (Bayreuth, Germany) – Surveilling the Maritime Border of Colonial Togo – German Migration Policies and What the People Made of It

Discussants: Alessio Iocchi, Franz Kogelmann

11:00-11:15 – Coffee Break, Hostel

11.15-13.30 – Panel 5b. Infrastructures and power – Chair: Birgit Englert

  • Seymour, Eleanor (Birmingham, UK) – A Historical Defence: Strategically Using the Historical Practice of Marriage by Kidnap as a Defence to Modern Day Forced Marriage in Northern Uganda

Discussants: Jacob Worsøe, Antonio Pezzano

  • Bouland, Annelien Michele (Leiden, Netherlands) – In-between. The role of the Senegalese maison de justice in the resolution of marital conflict

Discussants: Ján Michalko, Eric Komlavi Hahonou

13.30-15.00 – Lunch Break, pocket lunch

Free Afternoon


Friday 6 July

9.30-11.15 – Panel 4. Securitisation and (dis)order – Chair: Manuel Ramos

  • Iocchi, Alessio (Napoli, Italy) – The Political Economy of the Boko Haram Conflict
  • Discussants: Annelien Michele Bouland, Ulf Engel
  • Casola, Camillo (Napoli, Italy) – African actors, French politics and security dynamics in Sahel: a new dependency relation?

Discussants: Florens Eckert, Ulf Engel

11:15-11:45 – Coffee Break, Hostel

11.45-13.00 – Panel 8. Representing Africa: culture and critique – Chair: Jon Abbink

  • Zinyengere, Nokuthula (Western Cape, South Africa) – Photographic Portraiture, Family Histories and Migration and in 20TH Century Zimbabwe

Discussants: Edward Brooks Marmon, Manuel Ramos

13.00-15.00 – Lunch Break, ristorante il Mozzo

15.00-16.45 – 5a. Infrastructures and power – Chair: Ulf Engel

  • Sessa, Claudio (Genova, Italy) – The impact of Italian monetary policy in Somalia: the case of the Rupee (1910-1925)
  • Discussants: Domenico Cristofaro, Jon Abbink
  • Sollai, Michele (Geneve, Switzerland) – The Thin Green Line. Colonial Planning, War Economy, and the Origins of Rural Development in Ethiopia, 1936-1944

Discussants: Kristin Fedeler, Jon Abbink

Saturday 7 July

09.30-11.00 – Conclusion of the 2018 AEGIS Summer School

11:00-11:15 – Coffee Break, Hostel

11.15-13.00 – AEGIS Summer School Board meeting