AEGIS Summer School 2016 – Cagliari

© Manuel Ramos, 2016

AEGIS Summer School, Cagliari, 21-25 June 2016 Urban Africa – Urban Africans: Emergent Spaces and Multiple Representations


DAY 1: Tuesday 21 June

9.15-11.00 Introduction and Methodology Lab: Visual Methods in Urban Research

11.15-13.00 Panel 1: Politics, Violence, State

Peter Chonka – discussants: Alexandra Halligey and Ulf Engel

Lucie Revilla – discussants: Musa Ibrahim and Ulf Engel

12.35-13.00: questions/discussion

15.00-16.50 Panel 1: Politics, Violence, State

Robert MacDonald – discussants: Erika Grasso and Preben Kaarsholm

Cyrielle Maingraud-Martinaud – discussants: Laura Martin and Preben Kaarsholm

16.20-16.50: questions/discussion


DAY 2: Wednesday 22 June

9.15-12.00 Panel 2: Popular Culture

Alexandra Halligey – discussants: Rebekah Thompson and Birgit Englert

Frederik Unseld – discussants: Merel Van’t Wout and Preben Kaarsholm

Musa Ibrahim – discussants: Ngaka Mosiane and Birgit Englert

11.15-12.00: questions/discussion

15.00-17.45 Panel 3: Identity, Ideology and the Urban Every-day

Miriam Badoux – discussants: Assouma Kassim and Rijk van Dijk

Erika Grasso – discussants: Jaqueline Walubwa Achokwa and Rijk van Dijk

Laura Martin – discussants: Ahmed Azza Mustafa Babikir and Rijk van Dijk

17.00-17.45: questions/discussion


DAY 3: Thursday 23 June

9.15-11.00 Panel 6: Urban Informality, Urban Infrastructure Assouma Kassim – discussants: Frederik Unseld and Antonio Pezzano

Jaqueline Walubwa Achokwa – discussants Hannah Dawson and Antonio Pezzano

10.35-11.00: questions/discussion

11.15-13.00 Panel 6: Urban Informality, Urban Infrastructure

Rebekah Thompson – discussants: Miriam Badoux and Amanda Hammar

Irmelin Joelsson – discussants: Paola Piscitelli and Amanda Hammar

12.35-13.00: questions/discussion

17.00-19.30: Gramsci and African Societies, seminar of Prof. Tom McCaskie


DAY 4: Friday 24 June

9.15-12.00 Panel 4: Youth

Merel Van’t Wout – Irmelin Joelsson and Manuel Ramos

Hannah Dawson discussants: Peter Chonka and Manuel Ramos

Hannah Schilling – discussants: Lucie Revilla and Birgit Englert

11.15-12.00: questions/discussion

15.00-17.45 Panel 5: Urban Planning, Economic Practices and Mobility

Ngaka Mosiane – discussants: Cyrielle Maingraud-Martinaud and Paul Nugent

Ahmed Azza Mustafa Babikir – discussants: Robert MacDonald and Manuel Ramos

Paola Piscitelli – discussants: Hannah Schilling and Paul Nugent

17.00-17.45: questions/discussion

(19.00: festival incontri d’Affrica)


DAY 5: Saturday 25 June

9.30-11.00: Conclusion

11.15-13.00: AEGIS Summer School Board meeting