AEGIS Summer School 2006 – Cortona


Centro S. Agostino, Cortona, Tuscany, 19-22 September 2006


Tuesday 19 September
(9,30-13,00) Panel 1
Morning session Education policies*
Discussant/chair: Dr. Verena Kremling (Universität Bayreuth )
*the session will be introduced by a formal welcome by the Staff and the Mayor of Cortona

  • Verena Kremling (Universität Bayreuth – D)
    Education in Fulbe Society in Northern Burkina Faso
  • Maria Cardoso (CEA, Lisbon – P)
    Education as factor of development: duality between Cape Verde and São Tomé and Principe
  • Sarah Fichtner (Mainz University – D)
    Relations between the State and international nongovernmental organisations (INGOs) in the education sector in Benin

(14,30-18,00) Panel 2
Afternoon session Politique par le bas
Discussant/chair: Prof. Comi Toulabor (CEAN-Bordeaux)

  • Comi Toulabor (CEAN-Bordeaux)
    La politique par le bas et ses dérives épistémologiques
  • Maria Suriano (Napoli – IT)
    Leisure and Nationalism in late colonial Tanganyika and Independent Tanzania: The case of Mwanza and Dar es Salaam
  • Nadine Siegert (Bayreuth – D)
    Contemporary African dance as a creative opposition to sterotypical images of africanity
  • Tabea Häberlein (Bayreuth – D)
    Research on the changing intergenerational relationships in Togo – methodological aspects

Wednesday 20 September
(9,30-13,00) Panel 3
Morning session Mobilisation and politics
Discussant/chair: Prof. Georg Klute (Universität Bayreuth – D)

  • Georg Klute (Universität Bayreuth – D)
    Local Strategies of Conflict Resolution in Guinea-Bissau A Project Proposal in Legal Anthropology
  • Firmin Mbala (CEAN, Bordeaux – F)
  • Mobilisations for “development” in Anglophone Cameroon. Protests, competition and transnationalisation
  • Grégory Chauzal (CEAN, Bordeaux – F):
    La gestion consensuelle du pouvoir en Afrique
  • Edrich Tsotsa (CEAN, Bordeaux – F):
    Penser les politiques publiques du sida à partir des “alternatives” proposes par les mobilisations collectives an Afrique Anglophone (Afrique du Sud) et francohone (Burkina Faso)

(14,30-18,00) Panel 4Afternoon session Development/Conflict
Discussant/chair: Prof. Maria Cristina Ercolessi (Napoli-Orientale – IT)

  • Maria Cristina Ercolessi (Napoli-Orientale – IT)
    Post-conflict reconstruction in Angola: political reforms, development and social exclusion
  • Francesco Galtieri (Napoli – I)
    African States fragility and the development challenge: the case of Liberia
  • Marie Gibert (SOAS, London – UK):
    Regionalisation as a Conflict Prevention Tool: Western Import or West African Reality?
  • Ana Cascao (KCL, London – UK):
    Political economy of water resources management in the Eastern Nile River Basin
  • Birama Diakon (Point Sud/ Bamako & Bayreuth)
    L’appropriation à l’Office du Niger des techniques et la dynamique sociale de 1928 à nos jours

Thursday 21 September
(9,30-13,00) Panel 5
Morning session Post conflict policies
Discussant/chair: Prof. Klaas Van Walraven (Leiden Universitet)

  • Klaas Van Walraven (Leiden Universitet)
    Researching the Sawaba Rebellion in Niger (1954-1975): Historiographical, Methodological and Theoretical Issues
  • Alexandra Dias (LSE, London – UK)
    War and State formation: Outcomes of an interstate war in the Post-Cold War era: Ethiopia and Eritrea (1998-2000).
  • Alice Karekezi (Univ. of Göteborgity– S)
    Justice and reconciliation after popularly perpetrated genocides: Some methodological issues
  • Ruben Eberlein (Univ. of Leipzig – D)
    ‘We don’t believe in politics, we believe in reality’: perceptions and reality of social domination in today’s Sierra Leone and the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Afternoon session Panel 6:
(14,30-13,00) Politics/Religion – Discussant/chair: Dr. Andrea Brigaglia (Napoli-Orientale, IT)

  • Andrea Brigaglia (Napoli-Orientale, IT)
    Reflections on one century of Muslim educational reforms in West Africa
  • Søren Gilsaa (Copenhaghen – DN)
    Islamic renewal and activism in Zanzibar
  • Francesco Leccese (Napoli)
    The Alternative Role of a Sufi Order in Contemporary Africa

Friday 22 September
(9,30-13,00) Panel 7
Morning session Migration and translocality – Discussant/chair: Prof. Alessandro Triulzi (Napoli-Orientale – IT)

  • Alessandro Triulzi (Napoli-Orientale – IT)
    Listening to African migrant voices: a research project to record diasporic memories among asylum-seekers in Italy
  • Paul Saucier (Boston – US)
    African migration networks to Italy
  • Giulia Sinatti (LSE, London – UK)
    Out-migration and the changing landscape of a sending city: Migrant investment and development in Dakar’s banlieue
  • Julia Pfaff (Bayreuth – D)
    Mobile networks: mobile phones, trade and translocality among the Swahili
  • Presley Ifukor (Osnabrück – D)
    Salvaging African Languages in a digitalised 21st Century

(14,30-18,00) Concluding Discussion

Afternoon Session Aegis Summer School: what next?
Chair: Alessandro Triulzi All students and staff
The concluding session aims at allowing participants to discuss freely of School results, experiences, problems, and suggestions on how to solve them. It also aims at discussing future organisation and frame of the Cortona Summer School after the first two sessions and the Interlink Project which made them possible. The discussion is geared to finalising practical suggestions to be conveyed to the Aegis Board and Plenary on how to improve international exchanges and training within Aegis.